Double Bonus Spin Roulette Game

Adding some twists to old-hat roulette like it is done in Double Bonus Spin Roulette online may be frowned upon by old school roulette purists. But original alterations and some innovative inclusions might be a good fun for those looking for new game experience and fresh emotions.

IGT, a well-known manufacturer in online gaming world, has found several different ways to revive the classic roulette. One of such method was the key for creation of a new version of the game we are going to review below. Probably, you`d say that you have already tried some unique roulette variants powered by NetEntertainment and Novomatic softwares, this one has much things to amaze you. Don`t believe? Test it now!

Things Left Behind Vs New Features

At first glance, the game is no different from the traditional roulette. But there is a surprising caveat, which adds a bit of freshness and novelty to the game. The wheel of Double Bonus Spin Roulette casino game has a special yellow pocket with no number on it. If the ball lands on it, the bonus bet wins and the player is presented with a chance to make a bonus spin. The bonus bet is located above the zeros on the playing table. It makes the game even more exciting, because the presence of this element on the field gives a player an extra chance to win at each the bonus spins. The size of payout remains the same as in the normal spin.

This is perhaps all that relates to the innovations used in this version. The rest of the gameplay remains unchanged and preserves the atmosphere of the beloved classic roulette.

Double Bonus Spin Roulette - Gameplay By IGT

The main aim of the game is just same as in its classic variant – to make a guess, which number and color will be hit by the ball on a wheel and to make a bet on that guess. The choice of the ball is always spontaneous, so the basic rules are as simple as they may be: choose your chip value among the selection displayed under the table layout, choose a spot or spots on the table, make a bet and click SPIN.

Besides the SPIN button you will find other control elements on the screen like “Double Bet”, “Clear All”, “Undo” that will allow you to double your previous bet, get rid of all bets on the table layout or cancel your last action respectively.

The varieties of bets are pretty much the same as we described them speaking about advantages of playing classic roulette for money. Here you will have an opportunity to make inside and outside standard bets along with more complex neighbor and advanced bets.

You can find detailed information on all Double Bonus Spin Roulette rules, bet types and payouts as well as the rules description in the information section under the question-mark located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

You will be able to familiarize yourself with lots of other advanced functions using other game interface capabilities to achieve a more comfortable and fun game experience.

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