Red Dog Game Online

Let`s start our Red Dog Poker game review from a curious fact - have you ever heard that this easy-to-play version of poker was invented in Reno, Northern Nevada? This game reminds well known “In Between”, played by kids. On this page, we briefly describe its popular online variation developed by NetEnt and provide a trial version of the game for you to test.

Red Dog Poker Rules - Old-Schooled And Catching

The game is played with a 52-card deck - the same set is used in online Pai Gow, All American and other widespread poker types. However, the more decks are involved, the more advantageous it is for the player, since each new deck reduces a house edge. For instance, a single-deck game gives 3.15% of house edge, and a two-deck game - 3.07%, etc. The cards in this game are ranked just in the same manner as in poker.

Just like in poker, in Red Dog casino game player gets a two-cards initial hand and the main idea is to have a spread between their numeric values and to receive the third card the value of which will fall within this range. That is, if your initial hand consists of a Three and a Ten, the spread is 6 cards. If the third card you get is one of those 6 possible cards, namely: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9, your bet wins. The smaller the spread is, the fewer chances you have, but the bigger your payout will be.

From Words To Deeds - From Bets To Wins

To get it started, place your ante bet. In NetEnt games online version it is simply done choosing the chip and clicking on the spot marked ANTE. You can add more chips to enlarge your bet keeping in mind the maximum amount of €100. Press DEAL after you place your ante bet. As soon as you do it, you will get your two-card hand. On this stage of Red Dog poker online round you can check your cards for a spread:

  • If your two cards go in sequence (like 7, 8 or 2, 3), unfortunately, there is no spread at all and the ante pushes
  • If you get two matching cards (ranking equally), the third card of an equal rank will give you a great win paying out at 11:1 odds. If your third card is of any other rank, the bets will push
  • If there is a spread, you got to select your further action, depending on the spread

The choice is as follows:

  • Raise – press this button to double your bet - this will add another wager which will be equal to your ante. This is a reasonable choice if your spread is big enough to take a risk (eg. 7 or more)
  • Call – press this button if you think the spread is not good enough to raise your bet. You will play only your ante

Progressive Betting - Red Dog Card Game Feature

This version features an option called Progressive Betting. It allows leaving your winnings on the game table as the ante for the next deal. If you choose this option, simply press the DEAL button after your bet wins.

In case you select to remove your payout from the table, click COLLECT and then place a new bet as you wish. Thus, the next hand begins.