Royal Crown Blackjack - How To Play Online

The most relaxing card game among the whole range of money online casino table games – Royal Crown Blackjack by Novomatic is incredible two in one offer – three games in one simultaneously. How it is possible? Simply with three hands, which player may choose for gaming synchronously. After testing it in fun mode, you will be real master in three hands acting and start earning overwhelming payouts with money-making version.

Royal Crown Blackjack - Rules, Goal, Gameplay

Each hand has its betting area on Royal Crown table. For placing wagers choose the chip denomination in range 0.50 – 20 from bet selector working with its +/- buttons. After it click on any circle on the table few times to make wagers higher. Button Clear is supposed to delete necessary stakes amount from the wagering areas in order to place new ones or decrease bet per hand.

When manipulations with hands are completed, player may get acquainted with Royal Crown Blackjack gameplay rules and possibilities. Just go to Info section and discover detailed data - after studying this section you`ll be completely prepared to gamble in real money online casinos.

After starting the gameplay player has right for following actions:

  • Hit
  • Split
  • Stand
  • Double
  • Insurance

All those actions have appropriate buttons that are activated due to the situation during the game.

How To Complete 21?

Royal Crown Blackjack online is so adorable by players because of its simplicity. The primary goal is to collect the highest possible combo – 21 that is embodied in two cards combo with value 11 and 10. 10 points value cards are all faces, whilst 11 points cost only one card in the deck – Ace.

For collecting 21 player has only one chance: after the first dealing he receives two cards, if they create Blackjack the turn is automatically given to another hand. If after the first dealing you collected 13 or 11 and so on in sum – you have right to Double, Stand or Hit.

If you Double the stake, just single card will be taken from the deck for you and turn will go to another hand.

Stand gives turn to the following hand without any changings and Hit takes new card from the deck.

Also, there is a situation in Novomatic Royal Crown Blackjack when player collected two same cards, thus Split option will be activated –two cards could be separated into new hands. If on any Split hand are collected Blackjack cards (ace together with any of 10s), it will be counted as 21.

If dealer has 10 value card opened he reviews his second card for Blackjack at once and if he possesses it round is ended and player losses his wagers.

If dealer has Ace as opened card player is proposed to purchase Insurance to protect his money from dealer’s victory.

When player collects on his hand over 21 points it is Bust situation and he losses automatically.

But when player and dealer created the same sums it is named Push – game ends in a tie and wagers are returned to gambler.