Hong Kong Online Casinos - Current Tendencies

Despite its popularity among citizens, real gambling in Hong Kong experiences hard times that fortunately is not applicable to Hong Kong online casino clubs. The government of the district strictly regulates everything connected with casino games. This means that far from every operator will be able to run gambling business in the country. There is a limited quantity of bodies, which are able to offer casino services legally, for example Hong Kong Jockey Club, known by gamblers all around the world.

As for Hong Kong online game operators, the situation is even harder – there are no authorized providers here. Luckily, the government does nothing to prevent its citizens from playing casino games online, so users enjoy foreign resources, the majority of them offer possibility to play for real money.

Languages: German, English, Spanish, Russian, Swedish
Languages: Arabic, German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Thai
Languages: English
Languages: English

Either Internet Or Nothing

Of course, there is variety of foreign casino sites available for players from Hong Kong. How to select a proper one and not become a victim of scammers? We have prepared a list consisting of five steady resources which offer real bonuses and are played by thousands of gamblers from almost every point of the world.

  1. Quasar Gaming Casino. Atrractive 100% extra money promotion will be given to those who never played this online casino before.
  2. Star Games Casino. Up to 100 Euro money amount is a great reward for new players.
  3. Casino.com. Welcome bonuses reaching 3,200 Euro can be yours! Be sure that using IP address activated in Hong Kong games online of different features and types are all found here.
  4. Play Fortuna. With a software by trustworthy developers, this resource offers huge jackpots and attractive promotions.
  5. Everest Casino. Fans of Playtech software will find here what they've been looking for.

Speaking about online poker Hong Kong players are also able to access this sort of entertainment in casinos mentioned above as well as games developed by reputable providers, which means that these are the products of the highest quality. The most often encountered are casino games by NetEnt, RealTime Gaming, Microgaming, Novomatic, TopGame and BetSoft.

The most difficult task for gamblers in Hong Kong will be to find a suitable way to deposit money and withdraw gains. It depends on the policy of local government which strictly blocks many popular money transfer methods. Nevertheless, explore sites we've offered you, read the information about ways of payment you'll certainly find the one that will satisfy you.

Country`s Betting History

The government never approved development of gambling business in the district, but it didn't assume measures to prevent it. In 1977 appeared Hong Kong Gambling regulation Ordinance which takes control of industry till the present times.

There are no local casinos here because of legislation. But the gamblers found the way out and the peculiar characteristic of industry in this district is appearance of cruise ships having casinos on board. They dock in the city for some time and then go back to international waters before having taken bets.

Legally the bets can be placed using governmentally approved gambling bodies like Hong Kong Jockey Club. It was established in 1884, and remains one of the elite clubs for fans of horse racing. Jockey Club is considered as major horse racing operator and also performs other operations connected with the field of gambling.

In other words, casino industry is monopolized. It is obvious that any firm willing to start gambling business in this country should go through the HKJC – their monopoly is so steady that seems to be unwilling to leave the theatre.But Jockey Club is not only casino operator – it is also one of the largest taxpayer. The organization donates thousands of dollars to charity.

Of course, illegal gaming clubs also exist in Hong Kong. Thousands of gamblers are cheated by scammers collecting fake bets. Usually during the most important sport events police can confiscate millions of dollars of illegal cash gains. So, the only solution is to enjoy favourite games on net including online betting - Hong Kong players real passion.

Laws Vs Illegal Organizations

Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) is a powerful body in Chinese gambling sphere. Its members are concerned about the growing number of illegal betting clubs in Hong Kong. They have even issued documents related to preserving the integrity of sport bets including horse racing and there is a clause concerning online betting. Foreign operators which allow placing bets on horse races which take place in the country are of HKJC's first consideration. The organization worries about the fact that these operators are able to influence on the integrity of local racing.

There comes the logical question whether HKJC could launch its own site in order the gamblers from Hong Kong got a possibility to place bets in a legitimate way. But unfortunately the organization doesn't leave any comments concerning this situation.