Good Girl, Bad Girl slot review

One is an angel looking out for your best interests. The other is a devil who also seems to want you to do well. Either way, you win when you play the BetSoft video slot machine Good Girl, Bad Girl.

Choose your side

This slot lets you choose to play in several modes. In good mode, pay lines run left to right. The angel’s bonus rounds pay less than the bad mode but are less risky. If you choose to play with the devil you will find that the pay lines read right to left, the opposite of the traditional slot machine. The payouts for both of the bad girl bonus rounds will be a higher risk but will also give a higher reward. Of course, you can choose to play both sides and have access to everything. This way developers try to vary gameplay. Playing other 3D games like Plumbo you wont find this risk feature.

Good Girl, Bad Girl has two bonus rounds: A Click Me feature where you choose boxes to unwrap for instant credits, and a Money Wheel where you spin for a chance at instantly winning credits, free spins or the progressive jackpot. Or, you can win nothing at all if you brave the bad girl`s wheel. This slot has 15 pay lines. You can bet from one to five credits per line, with the maximum bet being 150 credits. Credit values run from 2 cents to $1.