Golden Bonanza Keno Review

When you cannot decide what comes first – Bingo or Keno – try its symbiosis product Golden Bonanza Keno online. This game is incredible union of high awards and simplicity. However, it still has its own peculiarities that should be noted below. And after reading it try to put on the test its demo version as long as you desire. Or – go to MyBet casino for getting more exciting feelings and high payouts!

Golden Bonanza Keno - Interface Elements

When Golden Bonanza Keno is loaded, you see gaming field and table with payouts by its side together with rotating drum. Under the field with numbers, buttons regulating gameplay are placed.

Starting with changing wager choose its amount from the minimal limit 0.20 up to the highest – 20 points. Stake alterations directly-proportional effect on payouts column, as well as balls amount. With the ultimate wager 20 credits and 15 selected numbers, if you collect all of them after drum rotation, 200000 credits will be sent to your account.

Another helpful button set in Golden Bonanza Keno is Lucky Dip – it expands menu with numbers from 1 to 15 and automatically set the appropriate amount of randomly selected numbers for you. At the same time, place it manually clicking on numbers. To annul some placed numbers click on it or button Clear Last Bet. For altering all numbers on the gaming field press on Clear All Bets.

To make gaming more pleasant switch to Auto Bet mode – select amount of autoplay rounds from 1 to 10. Together with autoplay mode turbo bet is included.

When round is ended you may Repeat Bet and start gaming again.

Alter settings with Main Menu section as well as read the detailed rules there.

No Cards And Lines – Get Money Only For Numbers!

No more cards or winning combinations like at classical real money Bingo – playing Golden Bonanza Keno for real money you should create your own card manually selecting 15 numbers from 80 available on the gaming field and start playing round immediately with clicking on Bet Now button.

The system is following – all numbers that appear from the rotating drum are marked on the field with yellow color, and numbers that are coincident with chosen for wagering – with red. Only 20 balls appear from the rotating drum per one round.

Pay attention, that more numbers you place for betting, the higher are payouts in general. However, if you mark all 15 numbers, for collecting one number or two numbers you will get nothing at all.

On the other hand, setting any five numbers with the highest wager 20, you may gain for 4 numbers 300 credits and for 5 – 1000.