Live Black Jack For Real Money

For all its impressive games selection presented by online casinos, there is always the place for exclusive games like Blackjack live dealer game. Playing with real dealer, not with soulless machine always seems to be more interesting for casino clients, moreover during the live game up to 7 players may gather around the table and it is a great opportunity to master skills and show your own ones. Of course, all traditional real money Blackjack rules are preserved, thus open the real casino at your home with a single click on to start live game button!

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Languages: German, English, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
Developers: Microgaming, NetEnt

Languages: Danish, German, English, Spanish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
Developers: Microgaming, NetEnt

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Languages: German, English, Spanish, Russian, Swedish

Online Live Black Jack - Expectations And Reality

Being one of the most widespread live games offered in numerous casinos, Blackjack is presented there in its diverse variants like VIP and Party types in parallel with ordinary black jack live tables.

To start gaming any live games at any casino offering Live option, it is necessary to follow the registration link and become money member. Unfortunately, usually casinos don’t include fun mode option for live section, however, it is possible to find numerous videos in Internet that recorded the gaming process. Moreover, it is not a big deal to begin playing live blackjack games online for those casino clients who have already gambled it at the Table Games section.

In such a way, the key point is what is the primary dissimilarity between Blackjack presented at the Table Games section and in Live Casino. The initial difference is live option itself represented by croupier, real casino atmosphere, special table and cards that are usually enlarged for users’ convenience.

Speaking about Blackjack with live dealer gameplay options, all of them are traditional to blackjack game with its Stand and Hit, Doubling bet, splitting hands and, of course, Insurance. Buttons for action appear on the screen, so player hovers over it and presses on his chosen action.

Note that in live mode special counter is triggered, thus look at it when you place wagers or make a decision about Insurance.

Live Version - Alive Gameplay

Online live black jack is played with eight decks making possible for seven players maximum gather around one table. Some games may be played just with six decks, but it is rare thing.

Each casino has its shuffle policy in order to prevent fraud from player’s side. Dealers have peculiar instructions where to place cut card and when mix decks, thus it becomes unrealizable to count cards. During the gaming you can witness how croupier mixes cards up.

When game becomes alive, it is good chance to apply all general rules in practice. Play with real dealer, hit cards and create the Blackjack – 21 points that can be gained only with Ace and ten points card. Gathering more than this highest limit you trigger the Bust situation. Such primary rules as Double – rising bets two times and hitting one new card and Split – dividing hands into two independent ones that act separately are added too.

As you see, Live Blackjack gives a chance to play game in real time mode and includes all traditional rules and conditions.