Italy Online Casinos - Loyal Gambling Area

History of gambling in Italy goes back to ages of Empire of Ancient Romans - times when hardly ever one could think about Italian online casinos or other gaming services we used to enjoy nowadays . It is a home of one of the most beloved table games among players – Baccarat, and the place where the first casino in the world was built. It happened in the middle of seventeenth century. Nowadays this casino is named Casino di Venezia. In general, there are not so many local gambling establishments in Italy. They are meant both for tourists and Italian players.

It is hard to believe that till the beginning of 2000's gambling in Italy was out of law. Even the lotteries were prohibited. In 2006 the government changed its policy concerning gambling and currently casino games are considered as the most qualitative and widespread ones on the territory of Europe.

Top-3 Online Casinos - Italians Choice №1

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  • Bet365. For those who have just registered their accounts the providers prepared extra100% bonus with its maximum possible amount 200 Euro. The site contains slots and other games by respected world-known developers. Payout rate is 97,65%.

Basically, thanks to Italy online gambling legislation the industry has turned into one of the most powerful and largest. According to data of 2014 its income reached 728 million Euro.

Slot machines became legal only in 2012 and during past four years their amount considerably raised. The contrary situation is observable with horse racing and poker – nowadays they are not so widespread as they used to be.

Liberty In All Spheres

If compared to Europe, where casino sites are getting blocked day by day, in Italy gambling industry is flourishing and the government carefully controls its development.

This liberal revolution started ten years ago, in 2006. At that time the authorities allowed Italian gambling sites operators to offer customers online and offline bets for sport. They also allowed betting on casino sites but with some restrictions. Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies was created in order to regulate industry of gambling and issue licenses. Due to policy of organization, each operator willing to start gambling business in this country, had to lodge an application for license. Also Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies (AASM) created a special list, consisting of five hundred resources which were considered as illegal and should have been blocked according to local laws.

There came a question of establishing online casino with local servers situated in Italy. In 2009 the problem was resolved – appeared “Abruzzo Decree”, a document which made a breakthrough in gambling industry. Due to this decree some gambling entertainments including poker games and and Italian betting sites have finally become legal. AAMS continued to control various online events, lottery games and betting operations. A new regime of taxes for legal games was established too, and this fact is considered as crucially important event concerning reforms in industry.

Changing of tax size meant that Italian audience got a breathtaking possibility to enjoy widened range of casino games, and, equally important, all these games were legal! This couldn't even be imagined if the tax regime remained as strict as it used to be.

Unlimited Gambling Rights

But the legislation didn't stand still: each year new updates to existing laws were published. In 2011 gambling operators got an opportunity to offer their dedicated admirers casino games and poker absolutely legal. Unfortunately, Italian online slots were not included in that list. But revolution concerning poker was developing quickly – later even poker tournaments has become allowed, but with one condition – the limits for poker bets were regulated to mark of 250 Euro and the payout rate had to be at least 90%, that means almost all the money spent had to be returned back to players.

Fans of slot machines had to weather the storm – their favorite casino games were legalized only in 2012, but after that time this industry began to develop so quickly that nowadays it is considered as the biggest and most popular area in Italian gambling.

So we see that nowadays the laws concerning online gambling in Italy are almost the most loyal in Europe, and due to this fact the industry is on the peak of its development. Both quantity and quality of online and offline casinos in Italy is rapidly growing, and this trend is tend to continue the following years.