Free Ultra Hot slot

In today's fast-moving world it's hard for a gaming software developer to keep up with the pace of time: players demand more and more, technologies that rivals use are getting more and more complicated. Provided that, in order to save the earned reputation companies have to come up with more extraordinary ideas than ever before. But somehow in this whirlwind of leading-edge technologies there's still a place for simple 3-reels gaminators with just 5 paylines. How can that be still true? Check out Ultra Hot slot game for free here.

Eternal features and symbols

Well, it's clear – there are some trends that are always going to be popular. The history of gambling has proved that 5 reels are the eternal classics. And concerning the paylines – sometimes players just get tired of overdone slots with hard to make out bonus systems. That's why they start looking for the simpler slots and that's when Ultra Hot slot online takes the stage.

This game is a classic example of an one-armed bandit with classic symbols. Among them you're going to find sevens, stars, bars, plums, oranges, lemons, cherries and X's. The rules are simple – receive a combination of same icons. 3 X's pay 5 credits, 3 icons of any kind of fruits – 40 credits, bars – 60, stars – 200 and sevens are the most lucrative – they pay 750.

Play online Ultra Hot slot machine

In general, the slot has nothing really to boast of – the graphics and sound effects are extremely simple, and there are just a few ways to get paid. But if you want to play something uncomplicated and classic, Ultra Hot is your choice.